The Amppipal Community Hospital

address: Amppipal Hospital, Amppipal - 8, Gorkha, Nepal, telephone: 00977-9846-208709 (unreliable, in case of an emergency only!)

community chairman: Mr. Krishna Bahadur Thapa
hospital director: presently vacant
leading nurse: presently vacant

board of trustees: Mr. Babu Ram Giri, Mr. Prem Rana, Mr. Madan Rana

budget: the annual hospital budget amounts to approximately 11 millions NPR. The government as well as the community give money to the hospital
occasionally, which makes financial planning not easy. Patient charges are moderate compared to other hospitals. Consultation charges are 25 NPR
(OPD) and 250 NPR for emergency. The bed charges are 110 NPR per day while a bed in a private room costs 350 NPR per day. The cost for a small
operation amounts to 350 NPR whereas a large surgery makes up to 13.000 NPR including anaesthesia, all operating theatre, the consumption
materials such as syringes, needles, gauze, cottens etc. Implants will be charged separately as well as vacuum drainage and biopsy. Delivery is free
of cost; the hospital does not demand any costs for these patients. For patients older than 70 years the hospital grants a discount of 25% on bed

Donations come occasionally from private donors and continuously from Nepalmed. The donations to Nepalmed are partly used for purchasing medical
equipment as well as for financing our charity fund (Nepalmed Fund at the Amppipal Community Hospital) which covers treatment costs for poor
patients. After evaluating the financial situation of the applying patient part of the costs for treatment will be covered by the our charity fund.
A group of three persons from the hospital board decide about the applicants situation and the amount of money to give. The greatest part of our
financial resources is used for the enhancement of the hospitals infrastructure (e.g. road building, facility and waste management, power and water

With a donation from the city of Warburg a new x-ray from Siemens was installed at the hospital. In co-operation with the NGO "Dentists without
limits" a complete dental unit including x-ray and mixer for fillings is now available at Amppipal. Today, a specially trained Nepalese technician treats
dental patients at the hospital. Furthermore, European dentists come frequently for short services in order to help the local staff with dental
treatment. They use very often their holidays for their commitment at the Amppipal Hospital.

Further support came from the firms ERBE (provided a new diathermia device), Karl Storz (provided a complete procto-rectoscopy unit) and others by
organizing a Lumitec infrared coagulator, two incubators and various medical instruments from Aesculap, Martin and KaWeMed.


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