Nepalmed e.V.

Nepalmed is a German non-governmental organization (NGO) with more than 300 members throughout Europe (per October 2010). Our organization
was founded in the year of 2000 in Grimma, Saxony (Germany) with 13 members back then. According to German law we are a recognized charity
organisation (latest renewal 14.09.2011). That is what “e.V.” stands for.

Our members share the opinion of the necessity of sharing our wealth, our knowledge and resources with people in countries without these privileges.
We do this by supporting Nepalese activities in the field of health care, especially in financing infrastructure and continuing education of medical
personnel of the Amppipal Hospital and sending medical personnel from other countries to our associated hospitals in Nepal.

One of our main partners and projects at Nepal is the Amppipal Community Hospital. Nepalmed is focussing on helping the Mountain Hospital at
Amppipal in all aspects of medical life and services.

Nepalmed has invested financial resources as well as lot of time in the maintenance of existing hospital buildings in Amppipal. All wooden parts of the
buildings had to be replaced and painted with protective colour against the monsoon rain. Furthermore, all existing toilets have been replaced.
The fireplace in the laundry was repaired as well as the ceiling in the main operation unit. A waste disposal pit was constructed in order to establish
a local waste management. The most sensitive parts of the hospital were rewired with a back-up battery system due to frequent power shortages.

In order to modernize the entire infrastructure of the hospital Nepalmed organized many items such as: a photocopier, a micro centrifuge, 2 autoclavs,
various medical instruments and implants, a new operation table, a delivery bed, an anaesthesiological trolley including equipment, a repair kit for the
generator, an ultra-sound, new patient beds and warming quilts, a drinking water filter device, a warm water dispenser for the washroom in the
operation unit, another modern incubator and a phototherapy unit for newborns and a laboratory analyzer.

The greatest project so far has been the construction of a road between the village of Amppipal and the hospital on top of the mountains. The road
of 2 km length is suitable for all 4-wheel-drive ambulance cars and was entirely financed by our organization Nepalmed. The road opened its operation
in December 2005. In the year of 2006 the Amppipal Hospital received a donation of an own ambulance jeep with an oxygen unit and European
standard emergency equipment. Furthermore, additional land for the construction of a new multi-purpose building (financed by The World Bank) was
acquired. The construction work on this land finished in the year of 2008. Since December 2010 the construction work of the new OT-tract is under
way. Nepalmed is supporting this new project with an amount of 40.000 Euros. Another aspect of our help is the training of local staff. We have
organized the professional training of several employees (physiotherapy, midwifery, dental and eye care, maternity, STD, surgery and general hospital

Everyone at Nepalmed works voluntarily and all donations and “profits” go directly into our projects. All members, friends and donors receive
information letters twice a year. For more information about our organization and our other projects, please visit our own webpresentation at


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