There are several ways to the Amppipal Hospital that we recommend our guests and visitors coming from the capital Kathmandu. The starting
point our description is the Kathmandu New Bus Park. Once you are at the Kathmandu New Bus Park search for the bus going to Tatipokhari /
Besisahar / Pokhara.

route A:
> the bus starts once a day at 7.45 am (check the time one day before you go, it might be changed temporarily)
> tickets for the bus are available at the Besisahar counter
> take the bus to Tatipokhari and drop off there
> from Tatipokhari you have to walk about three hours uphill to Amppipal

route B:
> since the bus to Tatipokhari has frequently delays, you can alternatively take a bus going towards Besisahar or Pokhara
> there might be even going so-called microbuses towards Besisahar and Pokhara (all buses starts from the New Bus Park too)
> get out of the bus in the city of Dumre
> from there is going the "Amppipal Jeep" directly to Amppipal every day
> the "Amppipal Jeep" starts at 1.00 pm in front of hotel Kusum (the hotel Kusum is located on the right site of the street in direction Pokhara,
shortly behind the junction to Besisahar)
> if possible call a day in advance the hotel Kusum (tel.: 065 - 580110) and announce your arrival and how many people will go with you

new - route C:
> there is a new bus company called "Blue Sky" that runs buses going from Kathmandu to Pokhara (check the time one day before you go)
> starting point of the Blue Sky buses is the tourist district Thamel near the Pilgrims Hotel
> take the Blue Sky bus and drop off in Tatipokhari
> from Tatipokhari you have to walk about three hours uphill to Amppipal

temporarily - route D (starting point = Kathmandu Old Bus Park):
> there runs a bus from the Kathmandu Old Bus Park only temporarily during the dry period once per day (some weeks only every second day)
> the bus goes directly to the village of Amppipal and is a true alternative route in the dry season

Amppipal on a map extract of Nepal:


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